Second night of awesomeness. #ColbieCaillat #GypsyHeartTour #AlexandSierra @colbiecaillat @sierradeaton @alexkinsey @alexandsierramusic @mmsalu @elianismile @rytumbarante

I guess you can say we were kind of excited for @johnlegend. Whatevs, no big deal 😆#LEGENDaryNight #AllOfMeTour @stephvvee @a1lcai

Elsa and Ana, who? #Frozen #IndonesianVersion #Beku 😂 #PrincessMias4thBirthdayParty

I accepted this challenge not as a social media trend or for bragging rights. I truly believe that this has and will continue to bring awareness for ALS and the many people suffering from it such as Peter Frates. Yes, there are many other things in the world that we need to be aware of as well but this is just an interesting way that this particular organization has done to bring more social awareness to its cause. So not only did I do the challenge but I also donated to the organization. Let’s keep this thing positive 😊 After all, this is for charity and for a very good cause. PS: in case you didn’t hear me, I nominated Roel Largo, Stephanie Minami, Mey Limbong, and Stevy Kolibu. You have 24 hours 😁 @japina02 @stevykolibu Also, please don’t mind the look on my face, I was nervous about that very cold bucket of ice that I was about to endure 😅😄

She did a sneak attack on me at Starbucks! #bestfriend #surprisevisits #soulsis 💙💚

I can’t believe the day is finally here. My baby girl is a preschooler!

Missing them ❤️❤️❤️

with our favorite ❤️ #famILY

Movie at the park. #DowntownDenver #SkylinePark #Gravity